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Cross match Card in Meditech issue

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We are having an intermittent issue in Meditech that when the user files a cross match and prints a cross match card, the patient information on the card is for the previous patient the unit was assigned to. We are unable to reproduce it in test. Has anyone ever seen such an issue? Meditech has not been of much help so far.

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First question is what version of Meditech are you on?  Second question is are you printing the Crossmatch/Assignment cards or the IT (Issue Transfuse) Cards?  We had this problem with the Crossmatch cards when we first started with Meditech, so our analyst had us use the IT cards instead and we have not seen this problem since.  I have recently seen a KB article on their website that addresses this with the Crossmatch cards, so you may want to check there.

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Thanks for the response. It is good to hear that we may not be the only people having this issue.

We are using the crossmatch card as defined in the BBK custom parameters dictionary. The card is a custom build. There have never been such issues reported since our facilities went live with Meditech over a decade ago. All of a sudden this is becoming a more frequent occurrence. When resulting, they will tick off the "print crossmatch card" and if that unit happens to also be assigned to a 2nd patient, randomly the card will print for the other patient and not the current one. There does not seem to be a pattern and we cannot reproduce. 

Does this happen to be the article? https://customer.meditech.com/kb/Custform.ASP?urn=20289

If not do you remember what it was called?

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