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  1. Assigned or crossmatched units are not properly released and those units were still tied to the previous patient.
  2. In our facility we have been using pneumatic tube system to transport blood and blood products (except for platelets) as well as specimens.
  3. In our facility we keep track of the patient orders and as well as our ARC orders by placing them in organized folders according to their blood types as well as those new patients that doesn't have a blood type history in our system.
  4. We have a blood vending machine (Haemobank) in the ER for trauma and other emergency issues, and another one in L&D. For validation it was the vendor who made it possible. For the training of the ER nurses it was the vendor rep who trained the ER charge nurses and eventually they were the ones who trained their nurses.
  5. Hi, I am Lorenzo Monato a medical technologist for 20 years now and currently working at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center in Las Vegas at the Transfusion/Blood Bank Dept. I am also the LIS for the department. I accidentally found this site when i was searching for new ISBT 128 product codes for our facility. Got curious and here I am a proud member of this community.
  6. Hi we just got our Meditech interface for our Immucor Echo Lumena up and running and I am having problem with the ABO/Rh blood type interp not transmitting correctly. Meditech gave me the correct upload codes for the Group (ABO/Rh) channel but it transmits the value "0" as the supposedly blood type interp. We are currently on Meditech 5.6.7 build and ABO/Rh calculations were okay but i feel there is a piece of the puzzle that is missing I just can't figure what it is. I would appreciate any thoughts/ideas in helping me solve this puzzle.
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