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Refrigerator RBC storage trays/dividers

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We just purchased a new Helmer refrigerator.  We need new dividers or trays to store RBC bags.  Has anyone purchased trays or dividers recently?  I'm interested in options from sources other than Helmer.  Thanks. 

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My facility uses Helmers and we have racks manufactured by Astron Systems. They store units vertically in sets of two or four. You can fit 4 across the length of a Helmer fridge in 2 rows (so 8 racks of 4, 32 total). In the Helmers with a higher bulk of products, we have some sort of plastic/acrylic dividers that section of units. We also have longer/heavier plastic "sleeves" that go down the length of the shelf, and those fit ~15 bags and go three across. So, I guess we have a lot of options!

Intrigued to hear others!



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We purchased bins from VWR International.  They are manufactured by AKRO MILS if you want to check their website: https://akro-mils.com/

They are inexpensive and come in various colors: Red, Blue, Clear, White and many sizes.

We got Item# 75854-808 ... a case of 12 clear, 4" tall x 11.625" deep x 6.625" wide.  6 fill one of our drawers (3 in front, 3 behind them) very nicely.  If you message me, I'll tell you the price (very reasonable).

They sell dividers for them, too ... again, in the same colors.

We also use them for our reagents.

We stole the idea from Chemistry, by the way, so I can't take all the credit for this idea.

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