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K neg rr red cells

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Discussing Red cell specification to issue to D neg females  under child bearing age

K Neg is standard requirement but what are the recommendations for also selecting rr units to avoid anti C or anti E sensitation in rr recipients. 

Would you just give rr to all D neg whether rr or not

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Given that EVERY unit of blood within the UK is tested for the Rh phenotype, as near as can be done, ignoring some of the more obscure mutations, it should be pretty easy to give Rh-matched (not necessarily Rh-identical) and K Negative matched (unless of course, the patient is K positive themselves - about 8% are, give or take), it should not be difficult, except in cases of, possibly R2R2 or other, even more rare phenotypes, and in cases where massive, urgent transfusion is required, to give Rh and K-matched blood to ALL females of child-bearing potential, from the age of 0 to the age of 50 (the upper age being defined by BSH after many studies - see studies undertaken by Dr Edwin Massie).

If this is followed, there should be no problems about either anti-C or anti-E being stimulated by transfusion, as opposed to pregnancy.  That having been said, anti-C is not very immunogenic in the first place, while anti-E (or anti-E-like antibodies) are not uncommon as "naturally occurring" antibodies.

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