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Billing for the administration of blood components


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Hello everyone.  I am working on the billing for a new LIS and I would like to know what others are doing.  Do you charge CPT 36430 for all transfusions (adult and neonate) or do you use CPT 36430 for non-neonatal transfusions and CPT 36440/CPT 36450 for neonatal transfusions?

36430 – Transfusion, blood or blood components

36440 – Push transfusion, blood 2 years and under

36450 – Exchange transfusion, blood, newborn

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    • By linzeej12
      Hey everyone! My lab director seems to think we need to keep the packing slips from ARC for 10 years. Why would we do this? She checks the billing and makes sure everything is correct. Why keep them after the billing is checked? Anyone have any thoughts?
    • By MHiggins
      Question: Do you bill for all crossmatches performed? Or only the ones that were ordered?
      Example: 1 RBC is ordered. Patient has a an antibody. You grab 4 units and crossmatch through Coombs. You then antigen type the compatible units. Do you bill for four XMs? Or just one? What about antigen typing? Four units? Or just one?
      We used to bill for all work done. Then someone told my director that we could only bill for what was ordered or it was medicare fraud.... but, I feel like that is not applicable to patients with antibodies that require much more work to find compatible blood.
    • By BB1956
      I am looking for the answer to this question posed by one of our physicians.  Can FFP and RBC's be administered through the same line at the same time in a trauma situation?  This has never been the practice where I have worked however when I checked for standards that might apply I could only find AABB 5.28.9  Addition of Drugs and Solutions which really did not seem to answer the question.  Looking for any input with regard to this question and making the assumption the FFP and the RBC's would have to be  compatible.
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      Is there a HCPCS code (P code) to charge for platelets that are leuko-reduced, irradiated, and washed?  
    • By Lecia Guill
      Is there a HCPCS code (P code) to charge for platelets that are leuko-reduced, irradiated, and washed?  
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