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  1. We use culture tubes from Cardinal Health. SP1290-3 12x75mm
  2. cag589

    New Previ stainer

    I work in Blood Bank and we took over some micro testing when our Micro lab centralized. We found the stainer needed way too much care and feeding. We make nicer looking stains by hand and alot faster too. Maintenace is a nightmare.
  3. If possible, get full phenotype of patient before meds, at least you will know what they are capable of making.
  4. We have been warned! Have not received any patients on this yet.
  5. What is all this INR stuff? We were not taught this 30 years ago. It means nothing to me!
  6. Depends on patient history. First time screen cells, repeat pos offenders get a panel!
  7. We don't even do voluome and H&H anymore. We do pre and post protein and do a percent removal. > 90% acceptable.
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