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  1. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  2. We had two incidents that were discovered a few months apart, but basically, it happened like this..... About 10 years ago when there was a shortage (to put it mildly) of commercial Anti-S, we were using unlicenced antisera (donor antibody) to mass screen our donors. These were random screenings, looking for "good stuff". A unit from a donor previously tested as S negative during this time period was used to fill an antigen order from a hospital. We confirmed the typing on this unit using Biotest Anti-S. The hospital found the unit to be incompatible. The unit DAT was negative so they retyped it for S. Using Immucor Anti-S, they found the unit to be S positive. It was returned to us and we typed the unit as positive with Immucor Anti-S and negative with Biotest Anti-S. We performed HEA typing by PCR and found the unit to be S positive. This information was reported to Biotest. While waiting to hear from them, a similar incident was discovered so we stopped using their Anti-S for confirmatory testing. The matter is still unresolved as far as I know. We were really disappointed to have to stop using it because a 5-minute Anti-S is a dream. We have had no problems with any of their other antisera and use Rh and K daily. Hope this helps!
  3. Wescott also sells tips for the TipMaster at a much lower price. We use them and are very happy. ~Beth
  4. Beth Eades

    Mobile Style

    Hi, Cliff. I have an HTC Hero and I had the same problem as described above when trying to select BBTalk from the middle of the page. If I selected it from the Forum dropdown menu in the page banner, I could access it; however, all of the content is crammed together and overlaying the next column. Hope this helps. I love the idea of being able to access this site wherever I happen to be. Beth
  5. Does anyone happen to have a package insert for Baxter Dade Neutr-AB Reagent? I have an old vial which expired in 1994, but I'd like to play with it. Thanks, Beth
  6. Does any have contact information for SCARF? The link http://jove.prohosting.com/~scarfex does not work. Thanks, Beth
  7. We are currently using some BioTest antisera (Rh and Kell). We were using their Anti-S, but now only use it for screening after false negatives were found and confirmed by DNA. BioTest has not been able to resolve the discrepancies.
  8. I have received mine, as well. We all love them! Thanks so much, Damien!
  9. Is anyone using high glycerol method to freeze RBCs collected on the Trima Accel and/or Haemonetics MCS+8150? Thanks, Beth
  10. Thank you for the info. Unfortunately, I do not have access to cord blood since I work in a blood manufacturing facility instead of a hospital blood bank. Because of privacy issues, local hospitals cannot share these with us anymore. I did, however, use papain treated group O rr donor cells to perform one adsorption and the antibody was significantly reduced. After the adsorption, I had only very weak reactions with D+C+ cells. I sent R1R1 units which were 1+ reactive with the unaltered plasma (vw+ with adsorbed plasma) as compared to a 3+ auto control. Thanks again. I appreciate your input.
  11. I have a sample from a patient with a previous history of warm auto antibodies. He is Opos and his phenotype is C+ c- E-; K-; Fy(a-b+); Jk(a+b+); S- s+. The screen (gel )this time is 1+, w+, 0 and AC is 3+. The DAT is 2+ with Poly and IgG, neg with C' and saline. The eluate is a 4+ panagglutinin. The panel (gel) shows all D+C+ and D-C+ cells as 1+ and D+ C- cells as vw+. All D-C- cells are negative. Phenotypically matched cells are 1+. Our policy is to give Rh and K matched for warm autos but if he has an allo anti-G, couldn't this cause a severe hemolytic reaction? I know I can differentiate using adsorbtion/elution studies. If it's an anti-D, -C, then it's auto and I can give R1R1 K-. If it's an anti-G, it could be auto or allo, right?
  12. I had the exact same thing last night. My initial screen and panel was in gel. I switched to LISS and PeG by tube with the same results although PeG gave significantly stronger reactions. I did a full phenotype to see what I was working with (neg for E, K, Fya, Fyb, Jka and s) and antibodies to all common red cell antigens were ruled out using a selected cell panel. Only one cell was noted as positive for Bga, the other positives were untyped. I ran another selected cell panel with only Bga pos cells and they were all positive. I recommended crossmatch compatible blood for the patient.
  13. We would like to share our good fortune with you. If you are in need of antigen negative red cells for your sickle patients, please call Virginia Blood Services Monday through Friday at (804) 213-4129.
  14. Congratulations! What a great day!
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