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  1. The DiaCent-12 centrifuge from BioRad is good, and has a small footprint. I have used them for many years (DiaMed) and have had few problems.
  2. AABB Standards A physician or other authorized health professional shall order blood, blood components, tests, tissue, and derivatives.
  3. Hi azizka71, What is your email, and I will send you my SOP? Dalene
  4. Hi, Per the reagent insert for DiaClon Anti-D, IAT positive reaction indicates the presence of weak D or partial D. The reagent insert for ID-DiaClon Anti-D (utilizing the IgG or AHG card) states it will also detect the presence of weak D or partial D. Reverse is done manually? By tube or NaCl card? What about your auto control in a patient that is AB pos? It would be more efficient and cost effective to use the patient card.
  5. Hi all, Just finished our mock CAP inspection for this year. Question is how many samples do you run for the correlation studies?
  6. My lab is AABB and CAP accredited, so we follow their guidelines. I do miss having a blood supplier that I can just call to request the blood components I need.
  7. In Saudi Arabia, the donor centers are located in the hospitals. The majority of the hospitals and laboratories currently are not accredited by any agency, so the quality of donor selection, screening, testing, and labeling varies greatly. You would not believe some of the blood components that have been brought to my transfusion service with the physician's order to use them because "blood is blood"!
  8. Hi, I see you are located in Pakistan. Those of us working outside North America and Europe have no easy access to reference labs to assist us. Since you are using DiaMed, speak to your DiaMed rep, he should be able to send a sample to Switzerland for testing. If you have access to BGRL in London, UK they can also work up the sample for you. Good luck.
  9. We use Cerner Millenium, and have a Pooled Fresh Frozen Plasma that we use for our plasma exchanges.
  10. We retype a specimen drawn at a different time specifically for blood bank. We receive a lot of mislabeled samples drawn by nursing. We also require the second sample to be drawn by a different nurse.
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