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  1. IMO, it is important to reconcile inventory on a daily basis. It seems to become exponentially more difficult to fix something when more time has passed.
  2. I received a response from a customer care coordinator from the collecting facility. "It is required to initially shake the Platelets strongly to resuspend them. Later, in the process at the manufacturing labs ,the Platelets are placed on agitators or rotators to be mixed (rotated/agitated) gently while they are stored." So, not entirely satisfied with this answer, but not sure where to go from here.
  3. I have reached out to someone that I know at the collecting facility to see if they can get me in touch with the appropriate staff to whom I can address this matter.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't have access to that information. I'm not sure a vendor would want to talk to someone like me who is now retired and out of that loop.
  5. I've been searching for procedures online, but have not had much success.
  6. Treat as a transfer between hospitals. When we were asked to send product with a patient to another facility we would fill out a transfer form to go in the box and pack per our suppliers instructions.
  7. I recently started donating platelets. Being an old retired blood banker I was kind of shocked at the end of the collection when the platelets were removed and were violently shaken to get them resuspended. I recall, when I was still working, doing a volume reduction procedure on platelets and we were taught to always be very gentle with the platelets and resuspend them gently. So, I guess that I am wondering if this violent resuspension is harming the platelets?
  8. Rees monitor. Temp probes in freezers, fridges, etc send data to a central computer.
  9. What were the blood types of mom and baby? Mom is O Neg and baby is O Pos.
  10. I need help understanding a strange phenomenon. I have a D negative Mom by gel testing that has delivered a D positive (3+) infant by gel testing. A maternal post delivery sample was used for an FMH screen. The FMH screen was macroscopically positive 1+w. The Mom's post delivery sample was tested for weak D and was found to be 1+w. The Mom's pre delivery specimen was tested for weak D and it was negative. The sample was tested for FMH with a KB stain an no fetal cells were seen. I was expecting the KB stain to reveal a large number of fetal cells.
  11. Does anyone know a vendor in the US that sells an anti K1 typing sera that is an immediate spin and read?
  12. Thanks for the replies. I was not aware that being a registered/licensed facility with the FDA was a requirement.
  13. Is anyone out there using the PGD test to extend the shelf life of apheresis platelets?
  14. Happy Birthday!

  15. How many out there are using complement control cells?
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