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  1. Hi John, it's a stand alone surgery center. Unfortunately, our pathologist isn't sure why we have two procedures, the separate CLIA numbers were his best guess. After speaking with a couple of other long time employees, I think it had to do with that surgery center not originally being owned by the hospital. I'm thinking that I'll just add a line about servicing outpatient facilities into the original emergency release procedure and retire the other one. Kelly, thanks for your response! That makes some sense, I haven't run into a situation like that before.
  2. I recently took over as the blood bank supervisor, and I'm trying to consolidate some of our procedures. We currently have two procedures for emergency releasing blood, one for inpatients and one for the outpatient surgery center. I told my pathologist that I'd like to retire the outpatient surgery procedure, as it is still the same process and doesn't provide any additional information, but he thinks we might need it because the outpatient surgery center has a different CLIA number. I've never heard of this, do y'all have any idea what he could be referring to?
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