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  1. We do the same. Ours is setup to print the transfuse order both to the blood bank and to the nursing printers.
  2. If you're up for a little more discussion (and a little entertainment ) may I suggest this thread, from 2012? Saline incubation...why is this SOP still allowed?
  3. Fetal Screen in Blood Bank, KB in hematology, RhIg dispensed by BB. We share the CAP proficiency kit; BB takes ownership of monitoring/submitting (because we're bossy like that )
  4. Once upon a time, our facility served 2 different CLIA numbers (clinic vs hospital, it was weird and complicated). To satisfy "the rules" any policies or testing procedures that applied to both CLIA numbers had 2 different review/approval cover sheets; one for the hospital pathologist to sign off, one for the clinic medical director to sign off.
  5. Same! We would only use our un-titered supply after consulting with Pathologist and ordering Provider (we're recommending that the provider obtain an additional consent for transfusion of CCP for "investigational use only".)
  6. CAP standard COM.10300 "Knowledge of Policies and Procedures" simply states: The laboratory has a defined process and records indicating that all personnel are knowledgeable about the contents of the policies and procedures (including changes) relevant to the scope of their testing activities. Our "defined process" indicates that we save those records for 2 years.
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