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  1. @Malcolm Needs Thanks so much for your advice. I absolutely agree with you. I will share this with my colleagues.
  2. This might be a stupid question, but do you accept EDTA tubes that are expired? I would always reject these no matter what, but I have two techs that insist on pouring it off to another in-date EDTA tube and another that says, "but do they really expire though?" I gave it a thought that its probably stable past expiration date, vacuuming capability will probably be decreased and red cell morphology can get affected... but does this affect any blood bank testing? Thanks in advance.
  3. Interesting! We still do not charge for our ABO Rechecks while having the electronic crossmatch capability. Is this something that is billable?
  4. I use SCC. Our process currently is using the CBC with a different collection time. If the TS and CBC was collected at the same time, then we request another sample to be drawn. It sounds to me like you have nurses collect most specimens? Do you currently do an electronic crossmatch? This typically fulfills the requirement for the ELXM.
  5. I believe the most recent Technical Manual addresses this now. I guess facilities will need to define what constitutes as storage vs temperature. Absolutely agree with @David Saikin that coolers that go in the OR should follow 1-6C.
  6. We used to use infrared thermometers as well, but I believe that using temperature indicators such as Safe T Vue, HemoTempII etc is going to be more accurate.
  7. I was under the impression that infrared thermometers measure SURFACE temperature and not core? Are we allowed to use this?
  8. @Kathyang Hi Kathy, thanks for responding. Yes, 72 hours is 3 days, but I guess in Soft it would expire right at 23:59 of the 3rd day. I had actually just figured out the solution to this - go under Products Order Service>Finish.
  9. That is pretty much what I do too and the white board as well. It just gets really confusing for different shifts when the order piles up to 8 or more..
  10. I agree with @MAGNUM 's response on the stocking. ARC does not allow facilities to stock CCPs because of the shortage.
  11. How does your facility keep track of the convalescent plasma orders? We would get around 5 each day and because of the delay in shipping, paperwork tends to get lost between shift or they wouldn't print one at all etc. and it gets confusing once we receive the product. We use ARC, and they don't put the comments in the shipping form where we place the name of the patient originally. I have to go back to bloodhub and search the order number (I pray everyday that they print the order lol) We have a form currently, but not as efficient as I'd like for it to be. Is someone willing to share how you keep track of your CCPs? Thanks so much in advance!
  12. Can someone be kind enough to share how you programmed Soft to release crossmatches after 72 hours? Is this even possible? I have experience in Meditech but a little lost with Soft. This will tremendously help our workflow. Thanks so much!
  13. @Gkloc I am reading a lot of it as of the moment. There's so many documents to go through..... Haha
  14. What do you guys think are the most challenging part of working as a lead/supervisor/manager in blood bank?
  15. It warms my heart to have found a blood bank community who is not only very knowledgeable, but supportive and kind. I really appreciate everyone's response. @John C. Staley I am coming from an outside facility. I am really curious what your experiences are when it comes to being promoted internally vs getting hired from another facility. I very much encourage collaboration, value everyone's opinion and ideas because I am cognizant of the fact that whenever I make a change, I have to make sure that it's 1. a requirement/standard 2. benefits everyone 3. streamlining workflow. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!
  16. Hello everyone! I guess this question goes out to those who are currently holding a lead or supervisory position, manager or have held a similar role in past. I was wondering what tips you have for a first timer taking on a leadership role? Any tips or suggestions, things to really focus on etc. All your thoughts and comments are welcome!
  17. Thank you for all the response! I thought it makes sense just for an ABO/Rh, but so far almost all the hospitals I have worked at require a Type and Screen (which require them to have a blood bank armband). Their reasoning behind this was because it's still a "transfusion".
  18. Do you require a type and screen ordered if the patient just needs plasma? or platelets and etc? or just an ABO/Rh?
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