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  2. Raycell users. How fern do you backup the irradiator data.? Do you transfer the Irradiation data from the flash drive to PC frequently? Thanks
  3. I agree with Jessica A, With a downstream BB system (SoftBank, Cerner, WellSky etc) you shouldn't need to check EPIC for previous pt history, that should be in your converted data from your old system. That you would have validated prior to your SoftBank go live. I worked with 14 Blood Banks with converted data from 3 legacy systems. None of them used EPIC as a source for previous patient history. Aren't your patient historical results in SoftBank? Just curious why you would import historical BB data into EPIC? Our Medical Records department was responsible for patient data converted into EPIC but BB data source of truth was always the BB system.
  4. I forgot to mention that we are using Meditech.
  5. Our tried and true Hematrax printer has finally just about bit the dirt and will need to be replaced. We will probably go with the updated Hematrax printer as a replacement. My question is: Once the printer is installed, what validation processes do we need to complete prior to being put into use? The labels should not change, so what is required?
  6. We have been on Softbank/Epic Beaker since July 2019. We are having issues with no billing going out for the specimen when we have any test set to To Repeat. So if the ABORH is repeated, the antibody screen and the repeat ABORH are not billed. Anyone having similar issues?
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  8. Hello cstager, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. cstager joined on the 02/17/2020. View Member
  9. AABB Technical Manual call for PBS pH 7.3 when making ZZAP. Commercially purchased PBS are not always pH 7.3. Do you stick to this PBS pH and make your saline in-house? or do you just use commercial PBS (as long as the pH is close to 7.3)?
  10. Thinking of you and all of the other people in China affected by Coronarvirus.  Stay safe and well.

    1. yan xia

      yan xia

      Thank you very much for your kindness, Mabel.


  11. Ah, you are correct, its a bit vague, but we treated it like a strong recommendation and only made RBCs from whole blood that took longer than 20' to collect.
  12. I have a colleague who is doing laboratory work as part of a medical mission in Central America. The only hematology stain she has is a quick stain with three bottles; fixative, stain A (pink, presumably eosin) and Stain B (blue, presumably methylene blue) She is asking about using the stain in malaria testing. I know the CDC recommends Giemsa, and using Wrights only as a quick test for follow up with Giemsa. Neither is an option for her. Does anyone on the listserve have any experience with detecting malaria on a quick stained blood smear?
  13. hey there..........the only thing I'm seeing is as follows, in the Blood Collection Process section........"a draw time longer than 15 to 20 minutes may render the unit unsuitable for platelets or plasma transfusions"...... using the phrase "may render....." leaves the door open IMHO ;) I don't see anything specific to draw time in the FFP section or the CRYO section...... Am looking in the 17ed. In my initial post, I do indicate that an eval must be performed to assure no clots present before proceeding if a difficult bleed.
  14. I saw a Blood Hound prototype 5-10 years ago. I wish the FDA would work faster. I think the technology looks very very hopeful.
  15. There's a comment in the Technical Manual about not making cryo from units that take more than 15-20 minutes to collect, the organizations I've been have used that guideline to determine manufacturing. As well as the no clots part of course
  16. Our system does not allow us to pool across product types, so we treat a reconstituted whole blood unit as two units (RBC and plasma) in one bag. We label with both product codes and both DINs.
  17. Hello akhitum, Welcome to PathLabTalk. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. akhitum joined on the 02/15/2020. View Member
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