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Manufacturing manager

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We are seeking a hands on Manufacturing Manager to join our team! You will oversee the activities of a team of production workers.


  • Coordinate the daily activities of the production and operation teams
  • Plan and schedule the manufacturing of our products
  • Manage inventory levels to ensure supply
  • Interface to QA, Marketing and customer service
  • Delegate and Participate in production assignments to appropriate teams and personnel
  • Work with customer service to schedule production orders from customers
  • Follow the quality system (ISO and FDA)
  • Improve processes and add efficiency
  • Perform new equipment validations
  • Adhere to all safety policies and procedures


  • Previous experience in production, manufacturing of a Biological or Healthcare product
  • Knowledge of quality systems and has worked in a quality system environment.
  • Strong leadership qualities with previous personnel management experience
  • Science qualification to Bachelors level, Masters or PhD preferred
  • Ideally Medical technologist background with some knowledge of Blood banking
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills




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    • By MHiggins
      We have just switched to Safetrace TX and I am struggling to figure out what reports are best for tracking QA! Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated!
    • By amym1586
      We just brought on a Lab Quality Manager in our Hospital.     She wants us to report to her some monthly quality monitors that'll look nice in a graph.  
      I do a lot of monitors monthly ( CT ratio's, product wastage, etc) but she didn't really think any of those applied to "Quality". 
      Can I get any feedback from you guys about some good Quality topics to report monthly.
    • By mrkeramati
      with buying the new screen cells or changing in lot numbers of vials of antibody detection in the blood bank, we need to evaluate them for appropriate quality. how do you perform this?
    • By lorna
      Our facility is updating our floor model centrifuge which will product volume reduced platelets (Apheresis Platelet which is Plasma Reduced). 
      I'm interested if anyone has validated this process in their facility, and if so...what product parameters did you use to ensure volume reduction yielded viable platelets? 
      We will be performing IQ/OQ of the centrifuge but in planning for the PQ of the product, we are initially considering:
      - volume of product pre/post
      - platelet count in pre/post (or lack of platelet/reduction of platelets in the 'removed' portion...) 
      - visual inspection of vol reduced platelet (i.e., the swirling of platelets)
      If you've recently done it, know of any good references or can share any good (or bad!) experiences, please do!  I imagine it would be similar if you've recently validated washing platelets, too...
      Thanks - and happy 4th!
    • By TW411
      What/where are the requirements for the DIN label on a blood bag?  I have been told there is a specific size specified, but I am unable to find it.  I have looked through the iccbaa docs searching for a required size.  I know that it needs to be eye readable and scannable.  (I am not talking base label, but rather DIN that the donor area applies).
      I am asking as we at times have a smaller label placed on the donor collection bag (30mm vs 50mm) in the donor area and I have seen these discarded at times.  To me seems a bit wasteful especially if it is still eye readable and scannable, but if a requirement is there to follow, I will understand.  Just want to know where the requirement is.  And if there isn't one, I want our QA department to relax a bit
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