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Hello everyone,

TRM.41350 states that if a patient has special transfusion requirements they must appear on the transfusion tag.

Our facilities utilize the transfusion requirement section in various ways and many of our transfusion requirements are not associated with an attribute (for example, transfuse with group O RBC, transfusion with group AB plasma).

How are you planning to achieve compliance with this CAP requirement?  Will you print all active transfusion requirements on the tag or will you limit the printing to requirements associated with an attribute?

Thank you in advance for your insight!

Respectfully yours,

Maureen Slackway, MS, MT(ASCP), CPHIMS, CQA

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      Hello All,
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      Respectfully yours,
      Maureen Slackway, MS, MT(ASCP), CPHIMS, CQA, CAPM
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