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RhIg administration

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3 hours ago, BldBnker said:

We do not notify our medical director.  We alert the nurse taking care of the patient that more than 1 vial of Rh Immune Globulin is needed due to a positive FMH.  The KB results are on the chart also.  The nurses inform the patient's physicians.


This is also what we do.  We treat this as a blood bank "critical value" and do a "write down, read back" to nursing.

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We (the Blood Bank) evaluate for Rh Immune Globulin at our facility.  Since we issue, deliver the Rh Immune Globulin to the floor and do the FMH testing (we also have the KB results from our Hematology Department), we issue the appropriate amount of Rh Immune Globulin syringes to be taken to the floor (based on KB results).  

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We do not notify our Medical Director. We alert the nurse in charge of the patient that the FMH screen is positive, KB stain performed with results in the chart and that the patient needs more than 1 vial of Rhogam. Phone call is entered as a comment under the positive screen for documentation.

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