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LIS/HIS Downtime procedure

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Hi all!

Our SOPs are so detailed about addressing our downtime procedure to the extent that we don't get motivated anymore to even refer to them during the actual situation. There are just too much to read when we are in a hurry to process STAT samples. So, we are planning to split them according to different scenarios like when it's only the Sunquest which is down but Epic is up and vice versa or when all the computer systems have crashed and when there is power outage. Do you have SOPs that you are willing to share? Thank you!

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We have an SOP for when our system is down.  The staff are trained on the other various scenarios, but there is no SOP.  For example if the HIS is down we get paper orders.  If the registration system is down, we can still use SafeTrace for any patient that was registered before the system went down.  Any new patients have to be done on our down time records.  If both the HIS and registration systems are down, we can still use SafeTrace for any patients registered before the down time began, AND we get paper orders.

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