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Psoralen treated platelets

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Hi Blood Bankers,


We are trying to prepare for Psoralen treated platelets - I thought that I had built them in my LIS but now I have received new codes from the Blood Supplier - I initially built  ISBT codes E7001, E7002....etc...to E7008  (4 plain and 4 irradiated).


I now received new codes from the Blood Supplier and they are codes E8440 through E8344 and more.


My question - does anyone know if the E7001 was ever actually used?  I have yet to receive any of these products but I am trying to get ready for the FDA guidelines and mandate that will be coming eventually.


Thank you.


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We designed and ordered special labels that we attach to our psoralen platelets.  The ISBT codes for our products are E8331, E8332, E8333, E8334, E8335.

Psoralen-Treated Platelets


Place this label on all Psoralen-treated (Pathogen Reduced) INTERCEPT Platelets to remind the care provider that they are equivalent to IRRADIATED and to store at room temp.

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