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I'm doing research on the problems with blood recovery use, or lack thereof, and posting a survey. I'm looking to find out if you use it, what are your current problems, and if you don't...why? I'm hoping the feedback I get can help generate some creative solutions. The survey is ANONYMOUS, only 6 questions, and shouldn't take more than 2 minutes. See link below.


Thank you,

Katie Buzenius

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Hi David, Here are the questions. Some accounts/computer have restricted access to the survey. You can reply to the questions in here or email me your answers to kbuzenius@mbrsi.net. Thank you! -Katie
  1. What is your role?
    1. Physician
    2. Perfusionist
    3. Nurse
    4. Autotransfusionist
    5. Technical Staff
    6. Surgery Director/Manager
    7. Blood Bank Director/Manager
    8. Other:
  2. Who is your employer?
    1. Hospital
    2. Private Practice
    3. Contracted Service Provider
    4. Self-Employed
  3. Do you utilize blood recovery at your facility?
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Don't know
  4. In your opinion, What are the biggest problems you have with blood recovery? Rated big problem=4, moderate=3, small=2, none=1, don't care=0
    1. Staffing:
    2. Training:
    3. Scheduling:
    4. Managing:
    5. Costs:
    6. Equipment:
    7. Supplies:
    8. Product Quality:
    9. Product Quantity:
  5. What is the one problem you need solved today? (Feel free to rant here)..
  6. If you had an extra day at work to do whatever you wanted, what area would it be spent on? (Sorry, fishing is not an option)
    1. Administrative
    2. Teaching
    3. Continuing education
    4. Marketing
    5. Patient Care
    6. Researching
    7. Networking
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