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  1. Mary

    Thank you

    Thank you for the beautiful snowflakes, Cliff. Happy New Year!
  2. How do I change my password?

  3. I would be interested in hearing from those of you that are using Rhophylac vs RhoGAM. I know it is cheaper.
  4. We use the specimen for up to 10 days on untransfused patients.
  5. Mary


    Welcome. You will like this site.
  6. Sandra, I totally agree. I came to the same conclusions. We will stay with Ortho Gel and Immucor anti-sera as well. Plan to stock up on some anti-sera before 7/1/08.
  7. In addition to giving antigen negative, Hemoglobin S negative blood to sickle cell patients, do you also perform coombs crossmatches when no alloantibodies are detected?
  8. I found an article in CAP Today about the problems with Kleihaur Betke stain dose calculations. It had a reference for an electronic calculator for calculating the dose. You enter the patient's weight and height and the percent fetal cells and it calculates the number of vials of Rhogam. It is neat. I made it part of our procedure. You can get it at: www.cap.org, under Committees and Leadership, Transfusion Medicine Resource Committee, Transfusion Medicine Topic Center.
  9. We do them if the patient is >20 weeks gestation.
  10. We do not do an antibody screen unless additional homologous units are ordered. We keep the specimens that have not had an antibody screen in a separate rack, so if subsequent orders are received, we know to perform an antibody screen.
  11. Mary


    It might be taking long because the lab may not do the test themselves, but send it out to a referral lab. If so, they can call the lab for the results.
  12. If an additional order is received and a second tech is doing the testing, the second tech repeats the ABO&Rh but not the antibody detection. We haven't done DAT's or auto controls with T&Cs for many years. We are 325 bed hospital in the Mid West.
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