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Provue Interface In Meditech


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Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the upload and download codes for the Provue interface in Meditech? The Meditech website has some of them, but a few years ago I had an old print out from someone's conversation with meditech that had many many more things like the Antibody panels, different DATs, antigens, antibodies. I lost that or someone threw it out along the way somewhere. I've contacted meditech as well, but they're slow to respond.

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I've always had the feeling that the Provue interface was kind of an afterthought. I believe it was a European machine first, maybe from Spain. Ortho probably rushed to get it out and get their money. The software isn't like any other interface I've worked with. It doesn't have any options to automatically check for orders on the bar code. It doesn't bring the patients name over to appear on the Sheet tab (it does bring the patient name over, but it's in the obscure DianaASTM log file. And crossmatch won't cross the interface. I once heard it claimed to a safety issue, but I have no idea why it not crossing an interface would make it safer.


I've been tempted to research some coding and build my own a graphic user interface to make it better. I'm sure Ortho and FDA and all the other regulating agencies would frown on that though. you wouldn't technically be altering their software though. Just making an intricate set of macros to operate their software.

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Digging through the meditech website I've found a bunch of download codes (more than listed on the interface page) for the provue, but not the corresponding upload codes. I've attached the download codes as a .doc.


I've had to guess at some upload codes. Here are some I use that aren't listed on meditech's site for the provue.


IgG only DAT is IgG

Polyspc. DAT is IgGC3


Currently I'm guessing that the upload codes for antibody panels are PA-1, PA-2, etc. I don't know if that works yet though. Might try it with a space and not a hyphen.


Provue Meditech Download Codes.doc

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