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    • By Mabel Adams
      We have just learned that we have a 32 week pregnant IgA deficient mom admitting tomorrow for observation for the next 2 weeks with plans to deliver at about 34 weeks by C-section because of placenta previa and vasa previa.  There is no record of anti-IgA testing that we can see.  This is not her first pregnancy--G3P2. She is about 30 years old and was identified as IgA deficient 5 years ago.  She is donating 2 autologous RBC and FFP units.  I assume there is no extra risk for the baby.  We are 3.5 hours' drive from our blood supplier. Any advice appreciated as we create a plan for dealing with possible hemorrhage.
    • By Jermin
      Hi All,
      I was wondering if antibody titre is performed on a pregnant mother who previously had HDFN. According to the books, it mentions 'After the first affected pregnancy, the antibody titer is no longer useful'. Therefore does it mean that it doesn't matter what the antibody titre level is, and should be referred to fetal medicine specialist regardless? Or if there is more to this, I would be grateful for some enlightenment 
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