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CAP Proficiency Testing for Blood Bank


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We always split up the BB survey to five different techs and the educational sample to a sixth.  Inspectors have no problem with that.  You can even get more involved by having other techs do the survey after the due date and your results have been submitted.


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I have been splitting up all my surveys between techs for the last couple of years. Each tech is assigned one red cell specimen and its corresponding serum specimen. The tech completes "ALL" the testing necessary for that one "patient". If it is the automated survey, 5 different techs each are assigned 1 of the samples. Not only does this share the wealth, but it shows competency in performing unknowns. DAT's and Fetal Hemoglobins are treated in the same manner just with fewer techs. Then I rotate the surveys that the techs receive. Sometimes the tech gets lucky and has a negative ab screen so their testing is short and sweet and then sometimes they get to play detective because their ab screen is positive so they get to determine which ab it is.

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On ‎3‎/‎28‎/‎2010 at 6:57 AM, yiams said:

A question just came up in our transfusion service regarding the CAP Comprehensive Blood Bank survey. We have traditionally assigned this to one individual to perform all testing. The question is: Can we split this survey to test five different techs by assigning one specimen to one tech? We've been debating this. Has this happened at your facility? How did your inspectors look on this action? We'll accept all opinions!


That is what I do, I split the survey and give to 5 different techs. Not only does this keep one person from performing all of the survey, but it can also be used to show competence where it applies to technical skills. My last survey team liked the idea of splitting it up.


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