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Our Red Cross just informed us that it will discontinue providing CPDA-1 rbc.  We primarily used it to provide volume reduced red cells to pediatric patients under 3 years of age.  We will volume reduce AS-1 or AS-3 by centrifugation or washing (Terumo 2991) instead.  Probably unnecessary for most patients, but this is a long standing practice here, and it doesn't seem worthwhile trying to adjust pediatric practice in this regard.  Most patients do not need the additional volume provided by the anticoagulant-preservative in AS-1, etc., and avoiding unnecessary volume is a reasonable goal in many patients. 

There is no inherent virtue to CPDA-1 vs. AS-1 and similar solutions, and rbc preservation is slightly better in AS-1/AS-3 by in vitro metrics.  There is absolutely no factual basis for using CPD-A1 in preference to AS-1, etc. in pediatrics.  Purely expert opinion and probably unduly conservative.


I've attached a nice presentation by Dr. Saifee at the University of Washington, who createdAdditive solution AS-1 in Children Univ. Washington presentation Dec 2021.pptx it to educate her colleagues about using AS-1 instead of CPDA-1.

Additive solution AS-1 in Children Univ. Washington presentation Dec 2021.pptx

Pediatric RBC White Paper - November 2021.pdf

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