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Just One Post

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Make just one post this week.

Think of the difference you could make to the site if you make just one post a week.

Not sure where to start?  

There are many unanswered topics.  Some are new, some are more than 10 years old.

Why respond to these?  While not all visitors to the site participate, many don't even register, thousands of people visit the site each month to use it as a reference.  Keeping the unanswered topics to a minimum helps the whole Pathology Community!

Try to answer just one topic this week, you never know who you may help.

These topics can be found in the main menu under Unanswered Topics, or here.

Thank you!


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Hi Cliff, 

In response to the email reaching out for posts, I decided to log in again. I began in the group 15 years ago when it was Blood Bank Talk. It'd been a while since I logged in so I had to re sign in thanks to your prompt.  I am 99% sure I had always used my user name to sign in, not email,  but I was not allowed to enter anything that in the field without an "@" . I tried my email addresses unsuccessfully. I was able to gain access by doing a password reset and was then automatically in. I went to edit profile and I don't even see my email address to update as it was changed by our hospital (but I can still receive mail sent to old address as it automatically goes into the new mail)

I do appreciate this site, but will admit I'm distracted by pages on the social media platforms where I spend more time. I suspect I'm not alone here. :wave:

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8 hours ago, Emmanuel Akomanin Asiamah said:

Thanks for the "Just one post" invitation. Its been a while since I saw posts relating to histotechnology and cytotechnology which are my areas of interest. I hope to frequent the site if more of such posts are included. All the same thank you once again.

Hi @Emmanuel Akomanin Asiamah,

You can create a new post about histotechnology or cytotechnology.  Maybe a new efficiency you come up with in testing, equipment issues, trouble finding qualified staff...

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