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Patient Blood Management Program


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Would anyone please share their patient blood management plan?  It would be great to see some  examples  before I tackle the task of writing ours.    Thanks in advance!

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I know this post is over 1 year old, but I have AABB books for on PBM and here is the 

general strategy for implementing a PBM plan: 

1) Develop and preoperative hemoglobin optimization program. 

2) Develop an intraoperative red cell recovery program, and/or programs in hemodilution, component sequestration, and platelet gels. 

3) Implement point of care (POC) monitoring within the operating room environment.

4) Establish an auditing mechanism to ensure reasonable blood utilization.

5) Establish a program to educate health care providers on transfusion issues. 


Here are the general methods used to implement and sustain a PBM: 




  AuBuchon James P.,  Puca, Kathleen E.,  Saxena, Sunita,  Shulman, Ira A. and  Waters, Jonathan H.. (2011). <em>Getting Started in Patient Blood Management</em>. https://aabb.ipublishcentral.com/pdfreader/getting-started-in-patient-blood-management


  Cohn, Claudia S.,  Delaney, Meghan,  Johnson, Susan T. and  Katz, Louis M.. <em>Technical Manual, 20th edition</em>. https://ebooks.aabb.org/pdfreader/technical-manual-20th-edition50155278




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