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  1. Would anyone please share their patient blood management plan? It would be great to see some examples before I tackle the task of writing ours. Thanks in advance!
  2. How do you address the issue of surgery cutting off armbands when they need arterial access at the wrists? Looking for feedback if anyone has found a solution to this problem. Thanks!
  3. Would anyone be willing to share their competency templates or forms? I’m hoping to find a better way of keeping up with all the requirements. Thanks in advance!
  4. What are the regulations related to Anesthesia or Perfusionist performing intraoperative collection of one or two units of blood then transfusion back to the patient when procedure is finished? Are these units subject to the same regulations as autologous units of blood collected at a donor center? Or is this completely different? If your facility has addressed this, any information you can share with me is greatly appreciated.
  5. What works to get those Helmer plasma thawers clean? We have mineral deposit scale that's pretty stubborn. Let me know of your remedies!
  6. Looking for others in smaller hospital settings encountering DARA patients in blood bank; we plan to send affected antibody screens and crossmatches to our blood center's reference lab for workup and have them send us crossmatched units. Currently we do not plan to add DTT to our in-house testing, just rely on the reference lab due to the size of our blood bank. Curious if this is working for others. In event of emergency, do you release uncrossmatched? try to do IS XM? Would like to know what others are doing and how it's working. Thanks in advance!
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