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    • By BloodbankZ
      I was wondering if anyone knew of a report that showed incident rate of FDA reportable events per hospital or per other statistic like transfusions, patients, etc...  Just looking for a baseline to see how our facility compares to others. I have searched and reached out to other facilities and haven't had any luck. Thanks in advance.
    • By Sherie Bruns
      Do the Blood Bank refrigerator and freezer have to be externally monitored outside of the blood bank?  The lab is staffed 24/7 and able to respond to the freezer or refrigerator alarm.  Does security or the Emergency Department have to also externally monitor these alarms?  Are there any CAP or AABB standards, or does the FDA require this?  Just wondering since it seems to be redundant, and we have an older freezer which may be difficult to hook up.
    • By kirkaw
      Does anyone send blood to inpatient units via a pneumatic tube system. If so, do you have a document that accompanies the unit that nursing fills out, verifying that the unit was inpsected upon receipt and found to be OK?
      What regulatory agencies would govern such a practice? I cannot find a suitable reference in the AABB standards. Would this fall under all standards/CFR references for blood transport?
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