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Does anyone have a policy and procedure that they are willing to share as it pertains to Dry Ice. This is the CAP checklist question that I am referring to.

**REVISED** 09/17/2019 GEN.77500 Liquid Nitrogen and Dry Ice Phase II

Adequate policies, procedures, and practices are in place for the use of liquid nitrogen (LN2) and dry ice.

NOTE: Practices for the safe handling of liquid nitrogen and dry ice include:

1. The mandatory use of appropriate gloves, shielding of all skin, and the use of a face shield or safety goggles when decanting or entering an open container of LN2

2. The mandatory use of insulated gloves, dry ice tongs or scoop, and safety goggles/ glasses when handling dry ice

3. Storage and use of all containers of LN2 and dry ice only in well-ventilated areas. Do not use or store dry ice or LN2 in confined areas, walk-in refrigerators, environmental chambers, or rooms without ventilation. An LN2 or CO2 leak in such an area could cause an oxygen-deficient atmosphere.

4. Availability of a Safety Data Sheet

5. Training on the safe handling of LN2 and dry ice

6. Signage displayed in areas where LN2 is used and/or stored

7. Plan for immediate treatment for individuals overcome by toxic or oxygen-displacing fumes

REFERENCES 1) OSHA Quick Facts: Laboratory Safety Cryogens and Dry Ice. Occupational Safety and Health Administration Website. https:// www.osha.gov/Publications/laboratory/OSHAquickfacts-lab-safety-cryogens-dryice.pdf. Reviewed October 2011. Accessed 12/8/2017.


Any and all help is greatly appreciated.



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Thanks, this helps alot in trying to fulfill this CAP requirement. Although we do not keep Dry Ice in the laboratory and Blood Bank especially, we do receive it and have to handle it when we get shipments of FFP and Cryo in from the blood supplier.

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