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Found 13 results

  1. Is there a HCPCS code (P code) to charge for platelets that are leuko-reduced, irradiated, and washed?
  2. Would anyone be willing to share their SOP's for "tubing" blood products? I am trying to get this started at my facility (even though it seems like everyone else has been doing it for years!) and am already getting lots of questions. I figure being able to explain what others do might help! Thank you in advance! Edit: we do not have the capability of "secure send" or scanning units/badges with our tube system
  3. Hello everyone! I work in a transfusion service where we do NOT give ABO identical platelets and we give only 1 group O platelet every 24 hours. What is the titer limit for Anti-A in group O platelets? Has anyone heard of a study where Anti-A and/or Anti-B were titered in non-O platelets? Thanks
  4. Is there a HCPCS code (P code) to charge for platelets that are leuko-reduced, irradiated, and washed?
  5. Do you take temperature of platelets when received from outside blood supplier? Do you take temperature of platelets if they were issued for transfusion but then returned because order cancelled or IV problems or....? What is your acceptable temperature ranges? Current AABB states "Storage 20-24C" and "Transport As close as possible to 20-24C". The "as close as possible" seems a bit ambiguous and confusing as to setting a policy that the techs can follow. Thanks for your input.
  6. Hi everyone, At our blood bank we're reviewing our policy concerning RhD incompatible platelet tranfusion. I'd like to hear about what sort of policies you guys have at your blood bank/hospital. - Do you administer RhD pos platelets to RhD neg patients? In what situations (always, only when there is a shortage of RhD neg platelets)? To which patient groups do you not recommend RhD incompatible platelets (women < 50 yrs, patients who receive frequent platelet transfusions)? - Do you have a different policy for apheresis and whole blood derived platelets? - Do you administer prophylactic Rh immunoglobulin to these patients (everyone, or selected patient groups)? And now for something completely different... - Do you have a policy concerning Kell positive donors and plateletpheresis? Do you defer these donors, or do you have a policy of not actively recruiting these donors for plateletpheresis? Cheers, Sari
  7. Hello Wondering what other hospital transfusion services do with double pack apheresis platelets. Do they combine before sending or does nursing combine at the bedside? Thanks
  8. Who titres and who washes out of group platelets?
  9. I need some help. We have a new neurosurgeon who is insisting that we keep 5 platelet pheresis products on-hand at all times for potential brain bleeds. To give you some background, we are a 350 bed hospital withOUT a trauma designation and who does not do solid organ transplant. Our platelet usage has been reduced by half in the past 2 years as blood loss during surgical procedures has been curtailed. I have been working very hard to cut down on platelet waste. In 2014, there were months when we wasted 8-12 units of platelets/month. We are about 3 hours from our blood supplier. If there is anyone out there willing to share their protocol for patients with brain bleeds? I would be MOST appreciative! It would be especially nice if your hospital was similar in size to ours and/or has the challenge of being greater than 60 miles from your blood supplier. Thanks in advance!
  10. What are your procedures particularly for an intended transplant? Do you ask if it is a solid organ or bone marrow transplant? Or do you give irradiated blood products to all patients with a history of cancer? Thanks!
  11. Our facility is updating our floor model centrifuge which will product volume reduced platelets (Apheresis Platelet which is Plasma Reduced). I'm interested if anyone has validated this process in their facility, and if so...what product parameters did you use to ensure volume reduction yielded viable platelets? We will be performing IQ/OQ of the centrifuge but in planning for the PQ of the product, we are initially considering: - volume of product pre/post - platelet count in pre/post (or lack of platelet/reduction of platelets in the 'removed' portion...) - visual inspection of vol reduced platelet (i.e., the swirling of platelets) If you've recently done it, know of any good references or can share any good (or bad!) experiences, please do! I imagine it would be similar if you've recently validated washing platelets, too... Thanks - and happy 4th!
  12. What is your hospital's procedure for dealing with IgA deficient patients? Do you have the providers prove that the patients are IgA deficient by the most sensitive testing methods, and/or have the antibody to IgA before ordering products such as IgA deficient plasma? Also, what is your procedure for washing platelets? What sort of testing does your facility use for testing for IgA deficiency?
  13. We have two ways of testing bacterial contamination of platelets : the Bactalert and other is Verax PGD test. We use them both in conjunction. I would like to know what is the best procedure and ideal process flow of this. Can some one please share their policy for the same.
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