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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! Does anyone have a trick for creating a "fake" rouleaux specimen for students' learning purposes? Thanks in advance!
  2. Greetings, I am curious to know who out there, is employing MLT's (medical lab technicians) versus MT's (medical technologists. For those places that use both, do you find any difference in the quality of work of the techs? Any difference in the time it takes for orientation and training? If you use MLT's do you serve as a site for their clinical rotations? If so, how much time do they spend in your BB/TS and how much do they do (antibody panels? eluates? adsorptions?). Thanks!
  3. Hi Everybody! This is my first post! I am a Marketing Associate for Hemo bioscience (manufacturer and distributor of BB Reagents) and was hoping to gain insight into which educational conferences/conventions are considered the most valuable or which ones you enjoy attending the most or which ones you hear of the most...? We really appreciate the educational sector of this industry and I would personally like to commit to a presence at these shows. Any feedback appreciated! Thanks Adele
  4. Someone just told me about this site bbguy.org. I searched BBTalk and found it mentioned a few times but not since 2010. I think it deserves a repeat mention as a source of information about transfusion medicine. There is a TON of info there and I have not looked at it very long. The FAQ on CMV-safe was informative.
  5. Is anyone currently in or ever been in the Rush University dual Masters program for Clinical Lab Management with an SBB? I have been researching online programs for about a year now and this one seems like the best, but it is very expensive...almost $600 per credit hour with a total of 65 credit hours required to graduate. I have emailed the contact person regarding basic info such as clinical requirements, graduation rates, etc, but would like unbiased opinions, thoughts, experiences. This is a lot of money to invest in something that may not be as good as it seems. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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