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  1. BloodTrack is capable of tracking Platelets in addition to red cells, plasma etc. The question will come down to what type of storage location you would like to use to store the platelets. The new Helmer platelet incubators can be configured to work with BloodTrack. Your Haemonetics (BloodTrack) rep should be able to give you the details.
  2. I have seen mention of smart refrigerators from Mediware, Haemonetics, Neoteric and Angelantoni (an Italian company). These are all essentially the same product. The refrigerator (called "HemoSafe") was built an Italian company (Angelantoni) and the software that manages access (called BloodTrack) was developed by Neoteric. Neoteric was then acquired by Haemonetics. Mediware distributes this product rebranded as BloodSafe with integration to HCLL. The system is available in several sizes and can manage crossmatched and emergency release blood. The Haemonetics version is available with integr
  3. I started in high school. Both of my parents were in heathcare and they always donated. I felt it was my obligation as a health young adult to donate blood and possibly help someone in need. I still donate several times a year. It makes me feel good knowing that maybe I helped someone.
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