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  1. Thank you Malcom very helpful. We will do the same Incubate 4C, perform Lui elution. Incubate at room temperature and test against A1-, B-, and O -cells. I was unable to log in the website for a while, hence the long response time. I changed my personal data, which created the minor issue.
  2. Could someone share their procedure for confirmation of weak A or B antigen and antibody by adsorption elution. Specifically controls, how to make sure that the findings are weak A or B and not something else. Thank you a lot
  3. Did anyone validate their DTT treatment of red cells procedure? Any advise with the validation protocol.
  4. Cathy how did you solve the PBS pH 8.0 issue? I have the same problem today. I have DDT power to prepare the reagent to treat RBCs, however no PBS at the 8.0 pH and no solutions to adjust pH. I cannot find any supplier for the PBS at that pH.
  5. Carina

    alloantibody and mimicking antibody

    We use BioRad DiaCidel elution. There is no mentioning of non-specific uptake of IgG. The anti -K in the eluate is same strenth (2+) as in plasma.
  6. Carina

    alloantibody and mimicking antibody

    Try to get my head around these tricks.
  7. Carina

    alloantibody and mimicking antibody

    Thank you Malcolm for the quick reply. I was thinking that as well, but not sure how to prove the case. The patient's surely have alloanti -E or -K as well, for these were known long before the eluate showed the antibody specificity.
  8. What is the possible cause? Patient has a known history of anti -E, always receiving crossmatch compatible E negative RBCs. Patient's phenotype is E negative. However anti -E is eluted from the red cells. I have seen at least three different patients with known anti -E with episodes of anti -E eluted from the red cells. The most recent patient is known K, also having episodes of K in the eluate. - the antibodies in the plasma E or K are strong 2+ reactive, no possible to miss in the crossmatch. We do full gel crossmatch -the donor units are phenotyped both in the donor center and then again prior to crossmatch in transfusion center.
  9. Welcome to the forums helkai702 :)


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