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  1. Are the missing MN groups a clue? Anti-Ena?
  2. Congratulations Malcolm, thoroughly well deserved, all those years in the Rising Sun were not wasted then
  3. you could have a look at these: http://www.islh.org/web/consensus_rules.php 1-s2.0-S1516848417300981-main.pdf 2014 Laboratory Guidelines.pdf arpa.2011-0535-oa.pdf 1516-8484-rbhh-36-03-00219.pdf Criteria_for_Blood_Smear_Review.pdf
  4. Our 2120i was taken away today, absolute nightmare We replaced it with an XN 550 which is a joy to use.
  5. I can back you up there Malcolm, although I only started in 1976
  6. I suspect you don't know the answer and are hoping someone will give it to you! Hi Malcom, how are you? and in answer to your question some time ago... yes it is Simon from BGRL etc Will be in touch shortly.
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