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  1. After validation studies are done, why wouldn't one or two comparisons be sufficient?
  2. Laurel, The presenter for the webinar you cited wrote our hemoglobin correction procedure. There are successive steps in the procedure where a plasma blank and a plasma replacement are done if the prior step do not return an MCHC < 37.0. I'm not sure why she designed it that way but I suspect that anytime you manipulate the specimen there is a possibility that error can be introduced into the end result. Which may be why she favors the calculation because no sample dilution or other error can occur there. Dan
  3. It's probably good to remember that everyone's critical highs and lows are different based on practice preferences. At the oncology practice where I work, the critical low WBC is 1.0 K/uL and the high is 100 K/uL. I can say that I've never seen this phenomenon, neupogen or not.
  4. Welcome to the forums danlmark :)

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