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  1. Today I had an anti Kell that reacted 4+ on the echo, and 2+ at immediate spin. This is the second time ive seen an anti kell reacting at I.s. This wasn't a new antibody; it was identified 7 months ago at a different hospital. Anyway.. what im wondering is.. what causes some people's anti kell to be igM when most are igG?
  2. I'm not the one who decided he had hemolytic anemia from the IVIG. That was the pathologist. He looked at the patient's other results like the haptoglobin and decided that the patient had some hemolysis.
  3. Yup. IVIG. We're giving him group O rbc's until his DAT is negative. If he needs a transfusion, which he might, since he has hemolytic anemia from the IVIG.
  4. I did not subgroup him. And really I don't know if it's anti-A1 or anti-A because I didn't test the eluate with A2 cells. So.. oops. But his eluate also reacted with B cells. I actually did get a satisfactory explanation for this from an SBB I work with, and seconded by our pathologist, but I'm gunna let you guys keep guessing and see if anyone gets close.
  5. The antibody(ies) have a specificity, though. I eluted off anti-A and anti-B.
  6. The patient is a previously healthy 6 year old male who now is suffering from meningitis. He was admitted to our facility about a week ago. Today I received a sample and orders for a type and screen and DAT. Anti-A 4+, anti-B 4+, anti-D 4+, A1 cells 0, B cells 0, IAT neg, DAT 1+ with Poly and IgG, negative with C3. Eluate was negative with all of the O panel cells, 1+ with A1 cells and micro pos with B cells. This patient has never had a transfusion. What could explain these results?
  7. I don't know.. it's just our policy. I think if the DAT is positive then they check the bilirubin. Once we had an O pos mom with negative antibody screen, with an O pos baby with a positive DAT.
  8. We get to do it however we feel comfortable doing it. I think most people where I work write the first three or four letters of the last name, and whatever reaction the tube is for. I think it would bother me if someone told me how to arrange the tubes in the rack.
  9. We do all of them. Every baby gets an ABO and Rh type and a DAT.
  10. Hi people! I'm Shannon, I graduated with my BS in Medical Technology last spring, and started my first job in September, part time in the blood bank at the hospital where I did my clinicals. For a while I was only working a couple days a week, but then someone quit and one of the night shift techs is seriously ill, so now I basically work full time hours. And I'm also trying to train in the micro lab.. I say trying because with all the time I work in blood bank there's usually not too many hours left over for micro. I'll probably end up taking like six months to get trained there at the rate I'm going. I'm trained on nights but I haven't done too many night shifts, just here and there covering for people, but with my co worker being in the hospital I'm probably going to end up with most of her shifts this summer. It kind of scares me being alone in the blood bank in case something happens, but obviously I have to get over it. I've only done one emergency release ever and I panicked for a few seconds but I got it done and remembered all the paperwork. Anyway I love working in the blood bank, and it's nice to find this forum where I can talk to all you experienced blood bankers!
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