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  1. Hi, Hope you all are safe and healthy. How do we report automated WBC count run on sysmex XN-3000?
  2. Hello every one, In hemoglobin chromatography (HPLC), we sometimes get small, insignificant peaks. Like Hb-S peak of 8.0, Hb-C peak of 7.5 (RT 180 secs). The only things which we do are to either retest with same sample or ask for fresh sample. Point is, the hemograms and histories of such cases have not been helpful up till now. Is there anything else which could be done?
  3. Hi, Hope you are fine. My problem is: Which other hemoglobins elute in same window (same retention times) as Hemoglobin S in ARKRAY ADAMS A1c HA-8180T Analyzer? (P.S. it gives retention times in seconds.) Regards
  4. They come wrapped in tissue paper, while the core biopsy comes in container with formalin.
  5. For marrow smears and the peripheral smears accompanying them, we use manual Leishmann staining. The slides we receive from outside are plain glass slides, un- frosted, company not known.
  6. Hi, We often receive unstained peripheral blood and marrow smears from other cities in the country. These smears do not stain optimally at our facility, even after manipulating stain timings. Therefore reporting these is problematic. We suspect that folks out there fix the unstained slides in alcohol before sending them to us. Is there any solution for improving the staining??
  7. Hi, Is it OK if the LJ chart graph lies on mean consistently (ie without fluctuations) ? Regards
  8. Hi, Posting after a long time. Hope all of you are fine. My problem is this: We have bought Sodium Metabisulphite form Merck company, previousl;y we were buying it from some other company (I am forgetting the name). With this new reagent, even patients with more than 50% hemoglobin - S on HPLC don't have a positive slide sickling test or the sickling disappears gradually over the day. Can anybody help me with this???
  9. Hi Autoimmune disorders and chronic viral infections can also be the possibilities Saima
  10. Hi, I work at the lab of a public sector teaching hospital. Recently we shifted from manual to automated ESR analyzer by Vesmatic, and discussed our case with our QA team as well as people from ISO 15189. We were advised to validate the analyzer from another vesmatic validated analyzer as we cannot compare apples with oranges (oranges in this case is the manual method). Regards
  11. Hi, First, regarding weak positive DAT/IAT; we confirm them under microscope and use check cells with them. Our weak reactions are taken as less than 1+. And you are right about having 2+ reaction after adding check cells although i also dont remeber the source of the info. Anyways I am gonna check this out. About storage of coombs reagents and panel cells, we dont "warm" the reagents before use but just let them stand for couple of minutes to come to room temperature befroe testing. We use poly specific coombs reagent (IgG & anti C3d) so we only warm the coombs reagent if using pre wa
  12. what if a company does not provide a calibrator for their reagent/ instrument? are there any alternatives?
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