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  1. Dear all, I have got an interview question: I repeated a CBC and got two results of Hb 7.1 and Hb 6.9, which one should I report? Hb7.0 is our critical value which mean if below 7.0 we need to call the ward. Thanks so much! Regards, Yolanda
  2. Hi all, We are getting a new vesmatic ESR analyzer, for the verification of the trueness (accurate) in accordance to CLSI standard, must we compare results with the standard westergren method? or are we allowed to compare results with a verified vesmatic analyzer from other hospital , or to use EQAP materials? Thanks!! Yolanda
  3. Thanks smiller, we are considering sysmex XN series and Beckamn Dx series!
  4. Thanks so much for your reply!! I can imagine it would be a nightmare for evaluation and daily routine.... Maybe Advia is not a choice!
  5. Does anyone one use Advia 2120 can tell me if [1] Manual open tube sampler, [2] manual closed tube sampler and [3] automated closed tube sampler (Autosampler) are using the same path after aspiration?? Do we have to do blood comparison (correlation) for different modes? Thanks so so much!!!
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