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  1. our administration, in all their immenent wisdom, decided to close our donor center. There were many of these storage bags left over and I was just trying to find a use for them so we didn't have to throw them away
  2. Does anyone know if platelet storage bags (Terumo) can be used to pool plasma with a 4 hour outdate?
  3. I am wondering if the Terumo Platelet storage bag could be used to pool plasma. Jane Ives
  4. we were able to "turn on" something in the issue program so that if there was more than one product associated with a unit #, it would ask us to scan the product code....you COULD bypass the scan by picking from the dropdown, but we trained people to scan and if ANY warning came up (because the warnings were not the easiest to decipher) to stop and investigate.
  5. yes, I tried two other EDTA specimen drawn at different times and they were all positive with anti-B and Anti-D
  6. just had a specimen on which I could not get a front type due to agglutination (1-2+)....I washed the cells to no avail, even tried washing with warm saline...still pos, tried different tubes drawn at different times (all EDTA) and had the same results on all, the backtype was "A" and showed no signs of a cold antibody. I was perplexed, when one of my co-workers told me to try the blue top or clot tube (they had not drawn a clot) low and behold the blue top suspension gave me negative results with anti-B and anti-D (pt was previous A-)!!! has anyone ever seen something like this before?? my
  7. we have an interesting case of a gentleman who used to be A pos and is now presenting as A neg (yes, the weak D is negative also). this patient has hairy cell leukemia which is most likely the cause of the D antigen depression. does anyone know the likelyhood of him forming Anti-D if transfused with A Pos blood? thanks
  8. i just have a feeling that the increased amount of anti-Jka's we see on ECHO might really be developing warm autos (or just extremely weak ones that only ECHO can detect) and i wanted to test my theory by doing an eluate on one of them
  9. Of the approx. 25 i have, only 2 are non-concordant and those are pos with ECHO and neg with tube (the prev ECHO only Jka being one of them) and yes, they are always stronger with ECHO than tube.
  10. i've been running them in duplicate for years and have just been lazy about writing a validation plan.....the most interesting one i ran was an ECHO only anti-Jka with a neg DAT.....the ELU-KIT eluate was negative in tubes, but 3+ positive on ECHO in all three screening cells!!!
  11. Does anyone out there run their ELU-KIT and/or gentle heat elutions with solid phase testing (ECHO)? If so, do you have a validation plan?? thanks, jane
  12. Hi all, i would like to validate my ECHO to run eluates (both acid and heat) and was wondering if there is a certain amount of samples i should run. so far i have run 10 positives (2 actual ab's and 8 warm autos) and 3 negatives. thanks for any help! jane
  13. i was wondering if anyone knows if there is a "rule" as to how you interp an electronic crossmatch....must you call it "presumed compatible" or is it "compatible" thanks can't find anything in the AABB or FDA guidelines:)
  14. Have any of you ever performed titers on a mom with a warm auto antibody?? If so, what kind of titer results do you get?? i have a mom now whose auto (i thought) was MI with no enhancement so i titered it and it titered out to 1:8 all with MI reactions!! kinda sounds like what used to be called an HTLA?!?! thanks, jane (just another blood bank nerd )
  15. we use it mostly to prepare auto cells for autoadsorption and then use the eluate to "prove" the warmauto. we also use it in teaching situations to show eluate options. we have validated it and it works well. just wanted to make sure there wasn't some type of chemical rxn between 6% albumin and PEG that i don't know about. jane
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