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  1. Dear Caricami, Thanks very much for your reply. I am actually looking at the hardware required. ie, the equipments for doing the HLA. Could you please help me with the details used at your institute. Regards Manoj
  2. Dear All, Could any one tell me if there is any single system for HLA matching? Or at least let me know what would be the procedure followed for HLA matching. This would be for Stem Cell transplants. Thanks in Advance. Manoj
  3. Dear Dr, I am a dealer based in Kochi, Kerala doing Blood bank equipments for the last 15 yrs. My recommendations would be as below. If need I can put you in touch with the suppliers in Puthuchery/ Chennai or even supply and install at your institute. The below equipments are used by many of my customers over years. apheresis - Caridian BCT - Cobe Spectra (Stem cell, Platelet, WBC), Cobe Trima (Platelet, TPE) stem cell storage equipment - Thermo Scientific Cryomed, Cryoplus Systems cord blood collection and storage system - Storage systems from Thermo Scientific, Cord blood collection systemd from MACO pahrma. leuco reduction system - Terumo Penpol TACE II + sterile connecting device - Terumo TSCD a walk in cooler / deep freezer _ Deep Freezers from Thermo Revco, you have volumes til 888 ltrs Hope this will be of help to you Regards MANOJ
  4. Is your requirement still live?
  5. I have experience with the Hettich Rotosilenta. This is a good machine. Make sure you have Service rep available at your place.
  6. Dear Sir, Try getting in touch with Oceasoft, France. They have a wireless system which can be upgraded for use with more equipments in future also. http://www.oceasoft.com/uk/
  7. If possible I would like to have the current name kept intact, since Transfusion is highly specialised field. But we also would be interested in other lab sections.
  8. Why dont you try using the ImmmugardIII filters from Terumo Corporation, if available. They are said to be more biocompatible and the recovery is also better. We have been dealing with these filters for last 5 years and not a single failure on filteration has been reported.
  9. Dear friends, We are planning to start cryopreservation using the Thermo cryomed controlled rate Freezer. Can anyone help me with the SOP for stemcells cryopreservation. Thanks in advance MANOJ
  10. Dear F Rahman, Can u let me know where you are located?
  11. If your requirement is for component seperation the best I have seen is Hettich Rotosilenta 630RS (12bags). Next comes Thermo Herause - 6000i ( for 12 bags), 5500i (for 8 bags).
  12. Dear Watson, Terumo TSCD is the best in the field. I think you do not have to look for anything else. in fact there are many brands like Genesis, Hemonetics, but nothing compares to the performance and stability of TSCD.
  13. Dear Redstaff, Let me try and will inform you. Bye Thanks.
  14. the terumo SCD is a rock solid one and worth the price.
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