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  1. Another question related to the requirement for a 2nd ABORH--We are part of a large health system using Epic, with blood types posting from all testing sites into the shared EMR of Epic. For those with a similar scenario, are you accepting these historical ABORH results performed at other sites within your system, as your 2nd ABORH?
  2. I am seeking information regarding users' satisfaction with BioRad's Tango Infinity, and its reliability. And for those who have the Infinity, did you upgrade from the Optimo, and what was your experience with it? Any information you could share would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Just wanting some information that is somewhat related to this topic...we are moving towards a policy where all signs/symptoms of suspected transfusion reactions are reported to the physician and the Blood Bank, the transfusion is discontinued, and the reaction investigation is ordered. It will no longer be up to the physician to decide whether or not to "call" the reaction. We have provided a well-defined list of the signs/symptoms in our SOP for Nursing to follow, but they are thinking that they will never finish a transfusion based on these criteria, mostly related to acute drops in BP, and increase of pulse rate, especially in the critical care patients, who already are unstable. Could others please share how they take the clinical status of the patient into consideration, when determining if the signs/symptoms are truly related to the transfusion?
  4. Where in the 26th Standards does it require the pH at issue of the volume reduced random donor platelet?
  5. I am interested to know from Hemocue users what percent of deferrals you are seeing for low Hgb? Did you see a significant drop in deferrals when you began using Hemocue?
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