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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. I keep asking you questions, so sorry. But did you say 12 screen cells? Usually, we use only 2 or 3 screen cells. And we have 12 cells in our antibody identification panel. Also , not sure what is "put up". What did you mean by "put up"? You putting something up, like up above something? Sorry, English is my 2nd language, I have a hard time understanding English sometimes. Thank you so much for your time and valuable knowledge.
  2. Result: Antibody identification panel: All panel cells = 4+ Auto-Control= Negative
  3. That is what we are trying to figure out. Thank you
  4. Result: Patient red cells + Ulex europepeaus = Negative
  5. We got a blood sample for ABO/Rh and Antibody screen testing. Results: Forward typing: Anti- A : Negative Anti-B : Negative Reverse typing: A1 cells: 4+ B cells: 4+ Antibody screen and auto-control: Cell 1: 4+ Cell 2: 4+ Cell 3: 4+ Auto-control: Negative Patient is from Mumbai.
  6. Is it possible that all the RhIg was neutralized by RH positive red cells?
  7. Yes, I am sure they probably order those other tests you mention. But the topic of this thread is on "why titers are not ordered on subsequent pregnancies".
  8. Some mother titers remain high during subsequent pregnancies. Clinical information from the titers would then be misleading. This is why doctors don't order titers on moms who has been sensitized from the first pregnancies.
  9. I am sorry for so many questions. You said the panels tend "to go up individually". What do you mean by that "go up individually"? Can you elaborate more on that? Individually, like by cell#? Thank you .
  10. I am taking the SBB exam this summer. Hopefully, things would be calm down a bit by then and I would be able to take it. Can I ask you, how did you do in your BB Exam? Thank you.
  11. Thank you very much. This have been very helpful. I am sorry, I just have another question. You said you have seen so many of them. What was the cause for majority of those cases you encountered? What was the typical/common reason?
  12. After some mothers are sensitized, their titers can be consistently high during subsequent pregnancies. In some case, even when the baby is Rh positive or Rh negative. The titer in this cases would be not helpful for the doctor to develop a treatment plan for the patient.
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