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  1. Quick update on my case: I submitted a further blood test, as requested by the lab. Received the results nearly 3 weeks later. Turns out that no alloantibodies were identified in the samples. The comment from the lab says: 'One reaction of no apparent specificity was detected by the following techniques Bio-Rad IAT. No alloantibodies were identified by the following techniques: Bio-Rad Enzyme IAT BioVue IAT. Antibody and clinical significance: This antibody is unlikely to cause haemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn. Repeat sampling: No further samples are required for reassessment in this pregnancy. So it looks like the initial test, that I was so worried about, was a 'False positive' so all good in the end. Most grateful for Malcolm's helpful responses, I did learn a lot in the process.
  2. Me too! He's such a fantastic source of knowledge.
  3. @Malcolm Needs Thanks for such a great response. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge. I have learnt a great deal just from reading your posts and am fascinated by the effect that pregnancy has on antibodies. Out of interest, do you happen know the 'false positive rate' for the Antibody tests carried out in pregnancy (around 28 weeks)? Many thanks,
  4. @Malcolm Needs: Thank you very much for your response, I can not describe in words how grateful and relieved I am. I have been so incredibly worried that I've not even slept since speaking with the midwife, and that was 36 hours ago. I really wish Google had a 'Pregnancy filter' that blocks any attempt to look up medical information. I am under 'Midwife care' at the moment but will request a referral to an Obstretician for reassurance. This is my first pregnancy so I am still figuring out how the system works. I'm not familiar with the set up in other hospitals but the one I am registered with uses an app to send out test results. In my case I first had a message saying 'Abnormal blood test results, with no further details or comments" followed by a call from the midwife. I'm not sure what scared me the most, knowing that something abnormal had shown up on the blood test but not being able to see exactly what it was, or the call from the midwife saying how rare my blood type and antibodies are. I sincerely hope this is not the future of NHS medicine as I could very well have had a heart attack had a been a bit older. I went to the hospital again today and submitted three further samples. Hoping and praying that they will come back normal. Thanks again for your input. I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders just from reading it.
  5. Hi, Hoping someone might be able to shed some light on the results from a 28 week prenatal blood test. My blood group is A Positive. As part of the standard testing they did an Antibody screening which came back abnormal. The Midwife told me it was for 'R1R1 K negative'. She said it was incredibly rare, and as she had only heard of 4 other cases with the same issue during her career, she was unable to give me any more information about it. Needless to say, I'm rather worried, even more so after consulting 'Doctor Google'. This is my first pregnancy and I have never received a blood transfusion. I remember reading about ABO and Rh incompatibility in school but have never came across R1R1 or Kell before. Would I K positive baby in a K negative mother be an issue in a first pregnancy? At what point does the mother start developing antibodies, is it already in pregnancy or first at birth? I had originally 'planned' a non medicated water-birth. In this case, would you say a C-section would be safer? I'm guessing that it would give the baby more rapid access to medical intervention. Should I have my medical records updated to say my blood group is: R1R1 K negative? I requested a print out of the results from the Midwife to see if it could help me get a better picture of the situation but I think it has just added to my confusion. The comments from the Bld Bank was: RHK (Vision) RHK CCee KNEG . Probable genotype R1R1 K negative. Weak reactions contained in 26 out of 30 panel cells by IAT. We cannot exclude the presence of underlying alloantibodies. Please send in 3 EDTA samples for reference lab. Group & Screen (+/- Crossmatch) Group A POS Ab. Screen Positive Reactions in 26 out of 30 panel cells sounds very high to me. Is it cause for concern? Is Kell the same as alloantibodies? Thanks in advance, most grateful for any replies.
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