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  1. sherif

    Neonatal Transfusion Practice

    can we wash the aliquots ?
  2. sherif

    group O RBCs for non O neonates

    Did you mean wash all O RBCs units for non O blood group ?
  3. In this case we must perform titer for anti A ,anti B before transfusion or not ?
  4. sherif

    post storage leukoreduction

    Thanks but leukoreduction after 72 hours from collection less effective or worthless ?
  5. My question is "Can we do pretransfusion leukoreducetion at any time till expire date or must be within 72 hours from collection?"
  6. Hello my question about in some places before use leukocyte filter for rbcs they use saline then filter the unit is this correct or will affect the efficacy of filtration procedure ?
  7. Thanks but i mean if i see false positive in forward , reverse and autocontrol is it cold auto or rouleaux?
  8. My question about in gel card method if both rouleaux and cold autoantibodies can give extra reactions in forward and reverse grouping how can differentiate between theses 2 conditions ?
  9. sherif

    DVI +ve or DVI -ve?

    Yes i know that is called for donors but in some places they use this cards for bot donors and patients
  10. sherif

    DVI +ve or DVI -ve?

    Thanks alot
  11. sherif

    DVI +ve or DVI -ve?

    Hello can we use this card for patient grouping or this will be dangerous ? diaclon abo d reverse grouping for donors.bmp

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