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  1. My question about if a doctor in doubt if this unit is bacterially contaminated or not and no time to do bacterial detection and this rare blood group for example how can he deal with this situation ( transfuse this unit and give the patient antibiotics medication ) or what can he do ?
  2. sherif

    ORTHO gel cards

    Thanks alot
  3. Hello Is anyone have answers for the cases in this book ?
  4. sherif

    ORTHO gel cards

  5. sherif

    ORTHO gel cards

    Thanks but why ?
  6. sherif

    ORTHO gel cards

    Hello About ORTHO gel card ( for blood grouping and AHG ) can we spin it in Diamed centrifuge (10 minutes ) or this will affect the result ( false positive /false negative )?
  7. sherif

    calculations in blood bank

    thanks alot
  8. sherif

    calculations in blood bank

    yes i mean for example in CRYO unit if we take a sample to test fibrinogen how to calculate the total amount of fibrinogen in this CRYO unit ?
  9. I contact with ortho about this and they reply : " I assume you are doing your crossmatch in gel. If you see any agglutination above the negative red cell button the result is positive. And NO – you cannot respin the card and re-read it. Additional spin time can make a true positive become negative. Hope this helps. Regards, Dee Landers Technical Specialist III Ortho Care Technical Solutions Center "
  10. sherif

    calculations in blood bank

    I mean how to calculate them ?
  11. Hello I want a book which describes calculations in blood bank as HB of PRBCs unit -platelets in unit -fibrinogen in FFP OR CRYO .......etc
  12. sherif

    SBB Exam- Study Advice

    how you study this textbooks ?( i mean best methods to study them )
  13. sherif

    SBB Exam- Study Advice

    what is this book ?

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