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  1. whole blood respin !

    thanks for helping us
  2. whole blood respin !

    thanks Dr Cliff
  3. whole blood respin !

    thanks but my question not about their benefits my question if i want to do the three procedures for RBCs unit will i start with filtering it then irradiate it finally wash it or what ?
  4. whole blood respin !

    thanks but in second question if a doctor need this RBCs unit in the same day and i want to do the three procedures : filterate it then irradiate then wash or what ? and why ? And in the third question if this procedure done in open system the 2 bag (CSP and CRYO ) are affected with their preparation( i mean their expire date ) or not ? And in first question whole blood respin can cause RBCs hemolysis or not ?
  5. whole blood respin !

    In second question i mean foe example if a doctor want washed -filtered- irradiated RBCs unit what is the correct order for the three procedures?first then second then third and why ? In third question if we have FFP unit without satellite bag can we connect satellite bag to FFP units to prepare cryo ( open system ) and freezing will affect on any bacterial contamination or we must do this in closed system ?
  6. whole blood respin !

  7. hi can i ask 3 questions? 1-can we respin whole blood bag to get more plasma or if plasma seems reddish ? 2-for example if a doctor request for (wash -filter -irradiate) RBCs unit what is first step ,second ,third ? 3-If we want to separate cryo from FFP into transfer bag this procedure must done in closed system by connecting device or can we do it in open system then freeze it ( due to effect of freezing on bacteria ) ? thanks
  8. Can leuko-reduce prevent GVHD

    thanks alot
  9. Can leuko-reduce prevent GVHD

    thanks but my question: can we irradiate cellular product instead of leukoreduction you said " you must kill all of the WBCs in the donor blood product. This is accomplished with radiation. " ?
  10. Can leuko-reduce prevent GVHD

    what is the difference between leuko-reduction and irradiation ? and can we do irradiation instead of filtration ?
  11. request for SBB reviews

    hello me too Can you email me the pdf for the SBB review class and any other immunohematology books or articles or tests ? thanks alot shaklus@hotmail.com
  12. In AABB technical manual : " for blood processing sample(s) by a method that prevents contamination of the contents of the bag. This can be done in several ways ................................. c. If a straight-tubing assembly set is used, the following procedure should be followed. Place a hemostat on the tubing, allowing about four segments between the hemostat and the needle. Pull tight the loose overhand knot made in step 5a. Release the hemostat, and strip a segment of the tubing free of blood between the knot and the needle (about 1 inch in length). Reapply the hemostat, and cut the tubing in the stripped area between the knot and the hemostat. Fill the required tube(s) by releasing the hemostat, and then reclamp the tubing with the hemostat. Because this system is open, Biosafety Level 2 precautions should be followed." what does this means?
  13. thanks and for me i want to know the effect of mixing donor blood with anticoagulant(ACD-CPD-CPDA-1) on viral marker testing results .
  14. thanks and what about my first question as pic. is this an open system ? and why ? and what sample requirements(especially anticoagulants) for viral testing by FDA ,AABB?