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  1. Pre-analytic: We use RALS interface and review the patient identification flagged errors when a manual entry patient ID is entered incorrectly. Analytic: We monitor critical glucose results for following policy which is to immediately repeat. We also monitor repeats with > 20% difference. It indicates improper test technique. Post-analytic: We monitor ACT results and proper pulling of patient sheaths in Cardiac Cath Lab. We report these monitors at the first of the month to our lab manager that then reports them to our Pathologists quarterly and also to some internal quality personnel. We are required by CAP to review and address any outliers on a monthly basis for continual quality improvement.
  2. Hello ladies, I followed the advice of a few AACC listserve members and signed up for the PathLab Talk. Happy to have another resource and see some familiar names! I was never very active on the emails, but always read everyone's advice. See everyone around!
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