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  1. Our policy also says a minimum of 20 samples, I go for 30 in case there are any failures. For some tests I work to find a few samples each month. This helps if I am trying to get results across the result range.
  2. Gwyn Arnold

    Fern Testing QC

    Thank you. I couldn't find any either.
  3. Gwyn Arnold

    Fern Testing QC

    Fern testing is a provider performed test. I am working on bringing this test up to standards. What do you use for Fern Testing quality control?
  4. Our policy says a minimum of 20 samples. I usually have a little more than that, closer to 30.
  5. Gwyn Arnold

    Question about PT on RapidPoint and iStat

    If the instruments use different CAP surveys you can order both and report them. If the instruments use the same survey then you can order multiple kits, but CAP will only grade one (your primary instrument). The other you have to grade yourself.
  6. Gwyn Arnold

    Pre, Analytic, Post Monitors

    I use confirmation of critical results and patient ID errors for the glucose meters. For the ISTAT meters I monitor errors by unit and drill down on any unit with more than 10% errors. These are reported to the laboratory quality council and the hospital quality council which flows up to executive quality council.

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