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    Gold Medal.

    Wow Congratulation. Very well deserved. You have help educate not only your local blood bankers but also from those all around the globe. What an honor!
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    GEL Testing Question

    There is absolutely no problem testing for Ch/Rg in gel. And although it should not be ok to use 50ul plasma instead of 25, actually it does SOMETIMES enhance very weak antibodies. There have been times when I have done this successfully. You will not however find it in the official instructions for antibody screening/identification and this should never be done as a routine technique
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    During the serology workshop in recent AABB meeting, there was a presention from NYBC where HU5F9 clone was adsorbed out with red cells (3 cells /differential adsorption) was performed to mitigate this problem. There was also an abstract poster where HU5F9 clone was adsorbed out with platelet. Have you tried any of these adsorption methods on ALX 148? Let me try to find the hand out from the workshop and platelet adsorption abstract to see if I can scan it to here.
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    I checked the reference from the ALX148 web site and it is bound to an IgG1 frame so the lack of anti-IgG4 in the Immucor -IgG reagents is not going to work. ALX148 blocks CD47 and enhances innate and adaptive antitumor immunity with a favorable safety profile. Kauder SE1, Kuo TC1, Harrabi O1, Chen A1, Sangalang E1, Doyle L1, Rocha SS1, Bollini S1, Han B1, Sim J1, Pons J1, Wan HI1. Author information Abstract CD47 is a widely expressed cell surface protein that functions as an immune checkpoint in cancer. When expressed by tumor cells, CD47 can bind SIRPα on myeloid cells, leading to suppression of tumor cell phagocytosis and other innate immune functions. CD47-SIRPα signaling has also been implicated in the suppression of adaptive antitumor responses, but the relevant cellular functions have yet to be elucidated. Therapeutic blockade of the CD47 pathway may stimulate antitumor immunity and improve cancer therapy. To this end, a novel CD47-blocking molecule, ALX148, was generated by fusing a modified SIRPα D1 domain to an inactive human IgG1 Fc. ALX148 binds CD47 from multiple species with high affinity, inhibits wild type SIRPα binding, and enhances phagocytosis of tumor cells by macrophages. ALX148 has no effect on normal human blood cells in vitro or on blood cell parameters in rodent and non-human primate studies. Across several murine tumor xenograft models, ALX148 enhanced the antitumor activity of different targeted antitumor antibodies. Additionally, ALX148 enhanced the antitumor activity of multiple immunotherapeutic antibodies in syngeneic tumor models. These studies revealed that CD47 blockade with ALX148 induces multiple responses that bridge innate and adaptive immunity. ALX148 stimulates antitumor properties of innate immune cells by promoting dendritic cell activation, macrophage phagocytosis, and a shift of tumor-associated macrophages toward an inflammatory phenotype. ALX148 also stimulated the antitumor properties of adaptive immune cells, causing increased T cell effector function, pro-inflammatory cytokine production, and a reduction in the number of suppressive cells within the tumor microenvironment. Taken together, these results show that ALX148 binds and blocks CD47 with high affinity, induces a broad antitumor immune response, and has a favorable safety profile.
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    We used to start with O pos for males over the age of 18 and women past child bearing age, but we don't do that anymore. We have actually given quite a few patients (ironically the majority of them being male!) an anti-D. We went back to giving O neg to all trauma patients. If the patient gets to the point where they take up to 5 or 6 units, we then convert them to Rh positive, with pathologist consent (unless we have a type by that time, and then we give type specific).
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    Gold Medal.

    The site was giving @Malcolm Needs a spot of bother, so I have taken the liberty of uploading some spectacular images for him.
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