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Internal temperature monitoring - Freezers

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Good morning all,

I can rationalize the need for this, but is there a regulation somewhere stating (other than specific manufacturer instructions) that it is required to take internal temperatures of freezers for comparison to digital readouts?

We have 2 older freezers that have user manuals that aren't very helpful.  One is for FFP/Cryo less than/-18C and the other for Tissue less than/-70C.  They do have chart recorders and digital temperatures that we record daily. 

We take internal temperatures on our Refrigerators and Platelet Incubator... so what about the Freezers?  Having trouble calibrating an internal thermometer +/-1C of the NIST at that low of temp.  We ordered new digital NIST certified thermometers and they were reading 2-3 degrees from the digital readout. 

Any input is greatly appreciated - I'm completely done with these freezers at this point haha.

Thank you!

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On ‎09‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 9:53 AM, R1R2 said:

  No need to take a separate internal temperature providing your digital temp is accurate.  You will need to validate your digital readout to NIST and  then you are all set. 

Thank you!

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