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Validation of Biorad IH500

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Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has gone through validation of the IH500 analyser and if they could share any issues that may have occurred ?

I am currently writing the Validation policy/plan and would be good if we could prempt some of the IQ before it gets to the PQ. I am following the BSH guidelines. 




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We have validate our IH1000 recently . I guess it's same protocol when you have to perform IQ. 

UR1 : analyser reading right barcode label and transiting right result to right patient. 

UR2 : Run 10 samples for each group and compare reaction with manual as well as existing analyser.  

UR3: Run known antibody positive sample and compare reaction. Also need to run NIBSC . 

UR4 validate all the reagents on board give expected reaction and no difference in reaction up to expiry

UR5; validate all the test such as baby group, DAT and panel and same as above. 

UR5: check all the abnormal sample such as lipamic, Haemolysed, and insufficient picked up by analyser. 

UR6: Run same barcode sample on analyser to identify duplicates barcodes. 

UR7 : check LIMS on both direction.

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Sorry few more.

Reaction specifity and strength correctly interprets as compare to previous result.

Analyser recognise that QC has failed


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