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Rh-negative: Positive anti-body screen first pregnancy

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28 y/o female, first pregnancy, O- blood type.  Week 11 blood test labs indicated a weak antigen positive; unable to isolate. No bleeding during this pregnancy and no history of previous pregnancy/miscarriage. Due to this, I had never had a Rhogam shot. No previous blood transfusions. 

Based on my limited research (ie no access to academic articles, just the regular internet) this doesn’t seem right... Wondering if anyone could provide more insight into possibility of this being a false positive and/or explanation/commonality of this occurring? 

I will go back in at week 16 to do a second draw/retest. 

Thanks for any help/assistance/guidance. 

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If by "weak antigen positive; unable to isolate" you mean positive antibody screen unable to determine specificity - I would not worry about this.   There are many reasons for a result like this., too many to go into detail.   IF you are in  the US, the methods used in antibody screening and detection are very good but false positives do occur.  A repeat at 16 weeks is a good idea.  Don't worry and keep us posted.   

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